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With fourteen years of experience as an expedition leader, guide and photographer, Moira has travelled and worked in many different natural environments, from the polar regions to temperate and tropical rainforests. Moira is a certified Senior Polar Guide and has been involved in many complex expeditions involving land-based, marine, and aerial operations.

Moira’s annual guide migrations take her to sub-arctic and arctic Canada, Greenland, Svalbard, British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest and Antarctica.

Moira’s formal education is in in fisheries and wildlife management, but her expedition fieldwork has allowed her to focus intensively on bear biology and behavior. Moira has been guiding since 2008, has assisted with two grizzly bear-focused PhD projects involving motion-sensing cameras and guided film crews during the multi-year filming of Disney Nature’s feature film Bears.

Moira works with a Nikon digital SLR camera and DJI drone, focusing mainly on photography. While operating and photographing in sensitive environments and around wildlife, Moira takes great care to observe, not disturb. Through her work, Moira aims to educate and call attention to wildlife and habitat conservation needs in Canada and around the world.

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