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The Canadian Conservation Photography Collective (CCPC) was formed in 2021 with the objective of promoting conservation and science education through the production of strong, thought-provoking visual content.


The collective is composed of freelance photographers from across the country and from a wide variety of occupational training backgrounds including biology, education, journalism, social work and business. We firmly believe that networking as a team and combining our strengths and experience dramatically furthers our ability to shed light on pressing conservation issues and to reach, inform and engage a much wider audience. 


In addition to regularly publishing content on its social media platforms and through established media channels, the CCPC plans to expand its outreach activities to include conferences, presentations and in-house print publications. We recognize the importance and effectiveness of a collaborative hands-on approach and therefore also plan to offer workshops, mentorship sessions and guided expeditions aimed at a variety of skill levels and age groups. 


To effectively and accurately document and relate often complex and time-sensitive conservation issues throughout the entirety of the country, we work in concert with other collectives, NGO’s, non-profits, research organizations, governments and communities.


The CCPC strongly believes in photography as a tool to educate, inspire and engage and our goal is to produce content that will open dialogues, stimulate conversations and ultimately bring about change. 






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