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Collaboration is a fundamental principle of the CCPC. Within our collective we work together as a unified force to further conservation goals. Similarly, we believe in developing lasting relationships with organizations that are making significant contributions to conservation.


We are proud to have partnered with the following organizations to support the conservation work that they are engaged in. Click on the icons to see how our members have contributed to their campaigns and projects.

We especially want to thank our friends at GoodWork, who have been instrumental in helping us to recruit an extraordinary group of volunteers that are the backbone of this collective.

GoodWork connects people seeking meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities with organizations looking for talented candidates. We have been extremely fortunate to post volunteer roles on their site and receive applications from people with both the passion and the skills we need to fulfill our objectives.


We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Electric Lawn, a sustainable landscaping company servicing the Greater Victoria area, for their extremely generous donation.

The amount donated covered the cost of our incorporation as a not-for-profit organization, which was an essential step enabling us to expand our conservation work. Thank you for helping to promote conservation with your donation!

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