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Each February the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective reviews applications for membership from photographers across Canada. This page is intended to assist candidates to better understand the requirements for becoming a member of the collective and the expectations of photographers once accepted.

The CCPC has a team of volunteers that form our Selection Committee. The role of the committee members is to review all of the applications received by February 1st, discuss each candidate’s submission, and vote whether to accept applicants to the collective. Applications are weighed against three key criteria:

  1. Exceptional photography skills,

  2. Consistent promotion of conservation, and;

  3. Ability to consistently contribute


Please refer to the following for greater explanation of the requirements.



  • Photographers must demonstrate exceptional skills in any genre of photography and/or videography applicable to the promotion of conservation.

  • Examples of applicants’ work must be included with submissions. Portfolios may be hosted in a variety methods, such as on websites, social media accounts, or in a shared online drive providing that applicants make available the content to the Selection Committee.

  • Photographers do not need to have large social media followings. While some photographers reference their social media accounts in their applications, the quality of the imagery is evaluated rather than the number of followers.


  • Photographers must be able to demonstrate consistent promotion of conservation. Infrequent references to conservation subjects in social media feeds are not sufficient; photographers are expected to provide evidence of continual advocacy for conservation.

  • Personal engagement in stewardship topics and organizations will also be considered.

  • Conservation-specific education and/or career experience is also factored by the Selection Committee.


  • Photographers are expected to contribute to the work of the collective, be it supplying images for the online catalogue, speaking on behalf of the CCPC on webinars and podcasts, or providing content for our campaigns. We cannot fulfill our objectives without all of our members making active contributions.

At the minimum, successful candidates must meet all three of those requirements. There may be additional factors considered by the selection committee, such as recommendations from photographers within the collective and familiarity amongst members of the Selection Committee with an applicant’s work; however, those considerations do not supersede the primary criteria.

The decisions made by the Selection Committee are considered final once announced. Photographers may apply in subsequent years though and consideration is given to their ongoing interest in becoming a member of the collective. 

Once accepted, photographers are expected to maintain their membership in good standing by adhering to the following requirements.


  • All members are required to pay a $20/year membership fee.

  • All members must attend a minimum of two meetings a year. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. 

  • Members are expected to contribute images to campaigns, social media and website content, and promotional materials.

  • The CCPC uses Instagram as a primary method for communication. Members must have an account and respond to messages as soon as possible when available.

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