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The CCPC offers photography and videography services to ENGOs, First Nations, university research teams, and government bodies actively working on conservation projects throughout Canada. If your organization is currently engaged in or is planning a conservation project and you need to capture that work that you are doing we can assist!


The work to plan, coordinate, and execute a conservation project is considerable, often requiring years of effort. Documenting and disseminating information related to the project can be equally as important, whether to garner public support or to assist in procuring additional funding. Visual storytelling is an invaluable component to communication, enabling viewers to conceptualize the value of the work being done.

The Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective has a body of photographers distributed throughout Canada that are available to work alongside project teams to capture still images and videos that can be incorporated into marketing materials. If your organization is planning or currently implementing a conservation project, contact us to discuss how we can assist in your endeavours.


Welcome to the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective's exclusive online catalogue! We offer organizations engaged in conservation projects a valuable resource to enhance their visual communication initiatives. Our catalogue features a wide range of high-quality images showcasing the stunning beauty of the Canadian landscape, diverse ecosystems, and remarkable wildlife.

By accessing our catalogue, organizations can license these captivating images for various purposes such as websites, social media accounts, corporate documents, and more. These visuals serve as powerful tools to raise awareness, inspire action, and convey the urgency and importance of conservation efforts. With our extensive collection, you can effectively engage your audience, strengthen your conservation message, and amplify support for your initiatives.

Join us in harnessing the power of compelling imagery. Message us through the website or email us at Take advantage of this valuable resource to enrich your visual storytelling and make a significant impact in your conservation projects.



We are proud to have partnered with the following organizations to support the conservation work that they are engaged in. Click on the icons to see how our members have contributed to their campaigns and projects.

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