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Lauren is a wildlife photographer based in beautiful Muskoka Ontario. She is immensely inspired by nature and the species we share our planet with.

From a very early age, Lauren became obsessed with all things wild. She developed an interest in photography in high school, but wasn't sure what she wanted to shoot. Over a decade later in early 2020 when the world was forced outside, Lauren decided to try her hand at wildlife photography and hasn't slowed down since.

Lauren's photography has been featured by Canadian Geographic (online) and Cottage Life Magazine (online and in print). She won Best in Show in the 2022 Kitchener Public Library Photography Contest.

While some of her favourite animals to photograph are owls, foxes, and ravens, she has a soft spot for the more common and sometimes overlooked animals. Through her photography, Lauren strives to raise awareness of and curiosity about animals that you may not encounter in your day-to-day lives, but also evoke a newfound appreciation for the more common species that are often overlooked. Lauren has a strong conservation mindset and leverages her photography to promote wildlife conservation through as many avenues as possible.

Lauren also has a strong passion for wildlife rehabilitation and volunteers her time and photography to various wildlife rehabilitation organizations. Lauren supports these organizations in any way she can, from hand-feeding baby squirrels to writing grant proposals.

Lauren holds a PhD in molecular biology. Her postdoctoral researched focused on understanding how frog immune systems work to fight of environmental pathogens, and how pathogens have evolved to evade or shut down their hosts' immune systems. Growing tired of city life and longing to spend all her time in the forest, Lauren quit her job in academia and moved to cottage country. She now works from home as a Scientific Communications Associate at a boutique life sciences consulting agency.

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