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Jake is a conservation and wildlife photographer currently based in Toronto, Ontario. After
leaving his office job in 2017 to explore Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic, a
deep admiration of, and spark for the most remote and wild places across Canada was fully

In his work, Jake aims to capture the experience and emotions of being immersed in nature, to
help create a newfound sense of interest and curiosity in nature for the viewer. Without keen
awareness of the natural beauty of our country, we cannot expect Canadians to feel strongly
compelled to protect nature & wildlife.

Jake believes those with the privilege to travel and photograph remote & beautiful locations
have a duty to share these experiences with the broader population, and advocate for
vulnerable and at-risk beings and places.

In his younger years, Jake had little interest in the governmental or financial industries, but over
time, has come to realize that we must not reject and withdraw from these systems entirely - but
learn how they work inside-out, to most effectively advance conservation policies and incentives
for generations to come.

In his short photographic career, Jake has completed projects with
Canadian Geographic, CBC News, Parks Canada,
Travel Alberta, Westjet, and more.

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