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Giulia Ciampini

Photography Team Member


Born in Toronto, Canada, Giulia is an adventurous soul continuously drawn toward the thrill of the unknown, whether it be lengthy hikes, road trips, camping or simply relishing an aimless wander in the wilderness. In 2011, she embarked on an 19,000km road trip that led her to 20 of Canada's 48 national parks and marine conservation areas, with exciting detours for heli-hiking, white-water rafting, grizzly bear tours and more. She’s completed 10 Canadian road trips since then, each venture further shaping her into a figure deeply connected to the natural world.

As an Ontario Certified Teacher, Giulia's interdisciplinary background marries the photographic arts with the biological sciences and education. Her academic accomplishments include an Honors Bachelor of Science in biological sciences from the University of Toronto, a Master of Science in education from D’Youville College and a Master of Fine Arts in documentary photography and film from Ryerson University.

Professional photography has been Giulia's vocation since 2009, and she has been a dedicated educator since 2011, sharing her knowledge at renowned institutions such as Vancouver College of Art and Design and North Island College. Her work can be viewed at

In 2019, Giulia's passion turned global when she led her first photography expedition abroad. This ignited a new path, and since then, she has taught in 35 countries across five continents, working with diverse organizations such as Smithsonian Student Travel, Lindblad Expeditions ft. National Geographic, and Natural Habitat Adventures ft. WWF. She relishes combining her love of outdoor experiential education with her passion for adventure travel, biological sciences and the photographic arts. Her current conservation photography relates to Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba.

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