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Cari Siebrits

Photography Team Member


Cari is a wildlife photographer and writer, passionate about promoting peaceful coexistence between humans and the wild world around us.

Driven by her deep enthusiasm for ethical photography and compelling storytelling, she’s an advocate for conservation, public education, climate action, and social justice. Through her images, she hopes to share intimate moments in nature that connect communities with wildlife in new ways.

As a non-profit communications professional by day, Cari has a background in content creation, project management, and youth- and community-engagement initiatives. She has been lucky enough to live in South Africa, Mali, Thailand, and Vancouver, Canada — and currently calls Toronto home.

Although she has yet to meet an animal she doesn’t like, she’s most excited about Canada’s megafauna, with her current photography goals revolving around North America’s bears, cats, and canids.

She is a regular contributing writer for Coyote Watch Canada, an avid volunteer at her local dog rescue, and when she’s not out taking photos, you’ll probably find her planning her next trip, hiking with her dog (Lando), or watching (really bad) reality television.

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