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Nikki Riddy

Photography Team Member


Nikki Riddy is a Vancouver Island- based photographer and filmmaker whose passion lies in the protection of the natural world. Nikki's work has taken her from Alaska to Argentina where she has documented incredible landscapes and biodiversity, creating visuals for scientific documentation as well as web, print, and social media campaigns.

Nikki's commitment to conservation has led her to work as a video editor for the non-profit organization SeaLegacy and has most taken on a new role as the Director of Impact Media at The Leatherback Project, where she uses her skills to create impactful visuals to educate and advocate for urgent need to protect the planet's biodiversity. Combining her love of sciences and the arts, Nikki believes that visual arts are powerful mediums that educate, empower and inspire change.

Nikki’s work aims to capture the magic that is nature. Nature has been Nikki’s greatest teacher and she is a lifelong student to her philosophy, finding inspiration in the intricate interplay of life on earth.

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