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Mark Williams

Founding Member


Mark was brought up sailing the English channel where he quickly developed a deep love for the ocean and a fervour for exploration. He began diving in Africa  and then circumnavigated the globe, without the use of aviation. This venture took him up to the Arctic, Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet and high altitude peaks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Patagonia, to mention a few. He sailed to Australia and settled for a few years, using his engineering background, working as a boat builder.

His travels left him with a desire to share and the wonders of the natural world with  others. He completed 200t Offshore Yachtmaster licence and is currently captaining the Sealegacy1, a 62’ expedition sailing catamaran which is sailing around the world advocating for healthy oceans through photography.

His fascination for marine mammals drew him to the Pacific North West, where he now lives, working as a captain, wildlife guide & photographer. His job takes him to some incredible places such as Antartica and as an avid conservationist, he shares his passion and knowledge for the ocean, inspiring others to love and protect it.

Realising how powerful photography can be, Mark takes photos on his expeditions to share an educational message as although not everyone is able to make it to these remote places, all of our daily choices effect to them. One of Marks more recent photos is in the finals of the prestigious BBC Wildlife photographer of the Year.

Whilst not guiding & taking photos, he volunteers as a medic on Canadian Ski Patrol and explores the rugged coastline of Vancouver Island, kitesurfing and freediving. Some of his favourite pastimes include growing food, playing guitar, wood carving, teaching sailing and organising beach cleans, bringing communities together whilst raising awareness plastics in our oceans.

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