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Chelsie Xavier-Blower

Founding Member


Chelsie is an outdoor and environmental filmmaker and photographer inspired by stories of the earth and how people are intricately connected to it. Whether that be through science and conservation, travel and adventure, or in our everyday life. She wants to share the stories that drive and move us, and connect us all back to our ever-changing world. 

Chelsie has worked with National Geographic’s Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier and their ocean conservation non-profit SeaLegacy. As their Senior Video Editor, she transformed hundreds of terabytes of footage into story-driven works of art. As a field assistant, Chelsie traveled to Ghana documenting women empowerment in coastal communities, ventured to Adams River chasing the story of salmon, and documented a whale disentanglement training program in the Great Bear Rainforest. 

Now as a freelance filmmaker and photographer, Chelsie can be found somewhere wandering the globe, looking for stories and adventure. She has filmed and photographed dolphin researchers in the arquipelagos of BC, scuba diving experiences in tropical Thailand, film festivals and surf competitions in Australia, and just about every ocean sunset she comes across. 

Chelsie is proud to be a part of the growing community of women who are adding their voices and perspectives to the male dominated conservation and outdoor photography industry. Storytelling, and thus conservation photography, are more powerful tools when more diverse voices are being heard. She also believes that being a professional photographer is not only about photography, it’s also about engaging with the communities you find yourself in. Connecting with people of different backgrounds and learning from them and their homes ultimately add to telling more enriching and powerful stories. 

Chelsie holds an H.B.Sc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation and is a graduate of the Environmental Visual Communication program offered at the Royal Ontario Museum. She’s also a certified PADI advanced and dry suit diver, rock climber, and a desperate wannabe surfer.

She loves exploring new places, paddling her feet on every beach she comes across, eating good food, and laughing her way through life (with some tunes blasting in the background).

Although born in Canada, Chelsie grew up in England and Portugal and the travel bug passed down from her parents hasn’t stopped in her “adult” years. Thus, the standard homebase doesn’t quite apply to her. She is however returning back to the mountains and ocean of BC, Canada, for now.

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