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Zach is an accomplished freelance photographer and journalist from the Greater Toronto Area. He is actively working to better the connection between humans and the natural world in the hopes of stimulating positive change. He does so by promoting curiosity, exploration, education, and wonder with his work. From a young age Zach has always had an interest in nature, particularly in freshwater ecosystems, oceans, and forest environments.

The quality of Zach’s body of work is highlighted by the many accomplishments he has achieved early in his career, including a cover story with Canadian Geographic, winning a photo contest hosted by National Geographic, and exhibiting a piece of his work in the Biosphere Environmental Museum. Zach is a founding member of the Canadian Conservation Photography Collective. His work has been published in Reader’s Digest, Canadian Geographic, and Paddling Magazine, among other publications, and it has been recognized by news agencies across the country.

He uses a creative approach for each project to communicate stories and invoke emotion, through a strong use of visual tools including compelling composition, rich colour, and thought provoking imagery. His goal is to capture moments and tell stories, with the hope of inspiring others to appreciate, learn about, and protect, the natural world around them.

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