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Justin Taus is a multimedia journalist that is based in Quebec, Canada and who has been focusing his work on conservation and natural history at home and abroad since 2014. He holds degrees in Journalism and in Education, both from Concordia University in Montreal.

Justin's work has been in publications such as Canadian Geographic, The Globe and Mail, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, VICE, l’Actualité and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). He has collaborated with conservation, research and education non-profit organizations including the Wildlife Conservation Society, the International League of Conservation Photographers, Wildtracks Belize, the Mingan Island Cetacean Study and the Fauna Foundation. He is also a contributing photographer for Québec Oiseaux, North America’s only French-language ornithology magazine.

Justin firmly believes in the power of visual storytelling and education to create change and hopes that his work will inspire others to discover, appreciate and protect our planet's biodiversity.

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