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Jillian Brown is a Canadian documentary photographer known for taking her cameras to extremes and pushing herself to the brink to share a story and share the power of connecting to the natural world. Sharing conservation as well as a respect, and the healing power we can find within nature has been a part of Jillian’s life since she was young and received her first Camera. She began to capture her close relationship to the wildlife that inhabited the small island in Northwestern Ontario where she grew up. Following her passion for adventure and photography she headed west to British Columbia after studying Fine Arts and Photography in University. 6 years later she found herself escaping an abusive relationship, leaving business, home, that life, behind to find herself homeless. Living in a tent in the woods she heard of her diagnosis of PTSD and found that being back within nature offered her the best healing. This drove her to begin to write and share a deeper look into how nature and our connection to it can offer so much more than just a view. As she utilized her tools to overcome, she learned to push herself and her craft to the limits. Shifting mindset from an anchor to Perseverance- Trust- Strength- Determination allowing her to achieve a world first of paddling a tandem sea kayak down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon and the first Canadian to paddle across America. Documenting nature, culture, and the stories that flowed deep through the hear of the states.

She began to share her journey through impactful imagery that accompanies, compelling writing and captivating presentations. Connecting to Nature and Connection to Passion being her two main goals, having the opportunity to speak to University Ecology classes, Cadets of Canada, Military members, MEC's, Arc'teryx, She Summit, high schools, countless interviews and podcasts. She was honored to be one of the 5 faces for Bell Let's Talk mental health national campaign and share her healing journey of PTSD and how nature provided all the tools needed. Connecting mental Health and the importance of conservation, connecting to cultures, allowed her to better understand and share as CEO and Lead Guide for a non-profit program (no longer in existence) for First Responders, Veterans and at risk youth affected by PTSD. Taking them into nature, to find comfort within the uncomfortable moments. Sharing all the knowledge she has in regards to the outdoors and natural tools to heal and the importance of incorporating nature into ones life. Most Recently she was invited to work as the Eco- Guardian of Race Rocks Marine Ecological reserve. Living on Great Race Rock for a month, documenting, researching, and sharing the operations and wildlife with others.

She has been published and interviewed internationally including Sidetracked Magazine, Gripped Magazine, Canoe Kayak Magazine, Paddling Magazine, Canadian Geographic, Explore Magazine, Bell Let's talk/ Bell, Canadian Women's Foundation, Squamish Chief, Alaskan Spirit Magazine, CBC News, Winnipeg Free Press, The Winnipeg Sun, News Winnipeg, Lewiston Tribune, KLEWtv, Daily Astorian, The Missoulian, NBC Montana Untamed, KFBB Fox News, The Bulletin, Vancouver is Awesome, Richmond News, Helenair, The Cottager, Kenora Miner and News, The Uniter.

Jillian's life revolves around her passion for sharing stories of the outdoors, encounters with wildlife, culture, giving a voice to the unheard, awareness and education, however she can. Her belief is that knowing she has impacted just one person in her life is enough, but if she continues sharing, she may impact just one more.

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