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Photographer, Videographer, Wildlife Guide, Environmentalist & Conservationist

Jenni is the co-founder of Artica Studios which is a photo tour company specializing in the Arctic, Sub-Arctic and the Canadian wilderness. Jenni has always felt a deep pull towards creating and a desire to capture the experience and beauty of nature. She's captivated when she find little treasures of raw, hidden beauty, whether it's a beautiful fence full of suspended flowers and vines that I found when I was walking in the city, an incredible mountainous landscape with sunlight cascading through its peaks in the early morning. Jenni's art is a collection of all the pieces of beauty she have found in the world that inspire her, fill her with happiness and bring her inner stillness, peace and joy. Jenni's biggest passion is spending time with animals and nature and sharing their stories in order to help people feel connected to them and care to help protect them. Her gallery is a collection visuals from her travels around the world with an emphasis on wildlife, nature and conservation.

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