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Ian Virtue

Founding Member


My name is Ian Virtue and I am a landscape and commercial photographer based in Ontario, Canada.
I believe that we have one opportunity to see everything that this planet has to offer, and in addition, leave our world a better place than when we first arrived. This is the lens that I use to see our planet. Photography has become more to me than just capturing beautiful landscapes. Through this medium, I have been able to connect with people and cultures I never thought possible. I have also learned how important it is to use photography as a tool for preservation by spending time in fragile and complex ecosystems. Climate change awareness and habitat conservation sits at the front of what I hope to communicate as a photographer.
In addition to running a commercial photography business, I currently work on the communications team for Arctic Basecamp, a global non-profit dedicated to speaking science to power. In this position, I have learned what it takes to effectively communicate complex scientific data in a way that a broad audience can not only understand, but be driven to take action.

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