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Chelsea Marcantonio

Photography Team Member





Since 2017, Chelsea has been working with the Nature Conservancy of Canada - Canada’s leading national land conservation organization. Through her hands-on experience in ecological restoration, Chelsea has a practical understanding of the significance and interconnectedness of all species found in an ecosystem. Today, her photography work continues to reflect this interest as she strives to shine a light on wildlife that are often overlooked or underappreciated.

As a kid, she was always fascinated by the smallest of beings that could be found in her backyard. Running around with a little Sony Cyber-shot in hand, she would capture photos to share on Facebook where an audience of a few encouraging family members could revel in her discoveries. Chelsea continues to share photos online with the intent to pique interest in what there is to discover in nature. Learning how to create compelling photos has allowed Chelsea to communicate her love of nature with others, inspiring them to learn, to care, and to take personal action that will better our world for the sake of all beings.

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