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The Vanishing: Overview of Canadian's Biodiversity Decline


The Crossing Paths campaign highlights the impacts of public and commercial transportation on wildlife in Canada. Through personal and professional experience as photographers, our members have witnessed innumerable tragedies suffered by wild animals across the country as a result of activity along transportation corridors. In line with the goals of the CCPC, we have selected this topic to both raise awareness of the hazards that wildlife face from transportation and draw attention to the solutions that exist to mitigate those risks

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Roads and Highways

Every year, more than a million large mammals are killed on North American roads. In Canada, an estimated 14 million birds die from roadway collisions every year.

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Lakes and Rivers

Studies in freshwater reservoirs in Canada have found that over a tenth of all plant and animal species are ‘at risk’.

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In British Columbia, 13 black bears were killed on a 15 km railway section between 1994 and 1996.



In 2019 at the height of air travel in Canada, 2043 bird strikes and 108 mammal strikes were reported.


Warning: This gallery contains graphic images.

The CCPC has prepared a publication document that provides context and details related to the topics covered in the Crossing Paths campaign. Download the document from the link.


The Crossing Paths campaign was prepared in collaboration with the Wildlife Collision Prevention Program (WCPP), the Marine Education and Research Society (MERS), and Living Lakes Canada (LLC). Each of these extraordinary organizations devotes considerable time and effort to researching, providing public education, and protecting wildlife and natural habitat in Canada. They have also been kind enough to provide interviews and resources that helped inform the content prepared for the campaign. Please help support their work by visiting their websites, social media accounts, and making donations if possible. Click the icons below to learn more about the work that they are doing and how you can help.

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Living Lakes Canada

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Marine Education & Research Society

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The Crossing Paths campaign was a collaborative effort made possible by our partners, subject experts, guest photographers, our volunteer team, and our photographers. We would like to acknowledge the exceptional contributions that enabled this campaign to develop. Thank you to all of the people involved!


  • Dr. Clayton Lamb, Research Scientist Biodiversity Pathways

  • Jackie Hildering, Education and Communication Director, Marine Education and Research Society

  • Georgia Peck, Lakes Program Manager, Living Lakes Canada

  • Kelly Zenkewich, Sr. Communications and Digital Engagement Manager, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

  • Ben Goldfarb, Journalist and author of "Crossings"

  • Patrick LeBrun, Biologist, National Capital Commission


  • Andrew Budziak

  • Kylie MacEachern

  • Liam Brennan

  • Alex Forester

  • Ana Olteanu

  • Carlos Marrero Reiley

  • Carolyn Murphy

  • Jake Zamora

  • Jamie Bussey

  • Marcus Jackson

  • Meredith Stead

  • Mollie Cameron

  • Nikhil Kashyap

  • Rey Monfared

  • Serena Tierra

  • Shelby Huff


  • Simon Sage, Media Relations Manager

  • Jade Baird, Social Media Coordinator

  • Laura Ramsey, Digital Asset Manager

  • Daphne Nounesi, Assistant Manager

  • Gabrielle Hancock, Graphic Designer

  • Mila Khatri, Campaign Manager

  • Rachelle Gourley, Graphic Designer

  • Kylie MacEachern, Video Editor

  • Liam Brennan, Research Assistant

  • Nabeeha Syeda, Social Media Coordinator

  • Alan Tong, Social Media Coordinator


  • Mark Bernards

  • Donna Feledichuk

  • Justin Taus

  • Cari Siebrits

  • Jillian Brown

  • Ray Maichin

  • Shane Gross

  • Abdulla Moussa

  • Chris McEvoy

  • Shane Kalyn

  • Josh DeLeenheer

  • Jackie Matechuk

  • Emman Menchions

  • Geoffrey Reynaud

  • Mark Williams

  • Isabelle Groc

  • Kristian Gillies

  • Nikki Riddy

  • Zach Baranowski

  • Liron Gertsman

  • Adam Skalzub

  • Agathe Bernard

  • Jake Graham

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