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Would you like to work with the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective to help promote conservation through the work that we do? There are two teams within the collective that work together to fulfill our mission: the photographer/videographer team and the core team. Our photographers and videographers capture the images that we use to promote conservation and the core team manages the fundamental aspects needed to coordinate and implement our activities.


If you would like to be part of the CCPC, review the following list of roles that we are looking to fill in order to meet our objectives and offer opportunities for people to become directly engaged in conservation. If you have skills not listed on this page but believe you could be a valuable member of the collective, submit your application and we will contact you to discuss how you can help support our goals.

The Core Team is essential to the functioning of the collective. The team manages all of the business aspects, ensuring that we can promote conservation through education, engagement, and inspiration. 

We do not have any specific roles that we are currently looking to fill; however, we continue to accept general applications. If you have education and/or experience in a particular field that you believe would be an asset to the collective, please complete the application form accessible from the Core Team Application button below.

Please note that roles within the collective are strictly volunteer at we do not presently have the funds to pay for staffing.

The Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective is expanding our team of skilled photographers and videographers to enable us to reach as wide an audience as possible. Once the photography team has reached capacity we will accept applications on an annual basis.

Successful applicants must demonstrate skills in photography and/or videography along with a passion for conservation and a history of promoting it. The CCPC is committed to representing all regions of Canada as well as building a diverse team of photographers. Members of the collective must adhere to our code of ethics in their work and demonstrate respect for people and the environment.


If you share our values and want to contribute to conservation through photography and videography, submit your application by clicking the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: Applications are reviewed on an annual basis. The closing date for applications for our next round of recruitment is on February 15, 2023, after which we will review all of the applications we have received since our last recruitment. You can submit an application at any time but you will not be contacted until after the closing date when all of the applications have been reviewed.

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