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In our first campaign, the Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective has chosen to cover the challenges that wildlife in Canada face as a result of transportation. Our public campaign will officially launch in November 2023. For those interested in contributing visual content, the information provided below will help to better understand the subjects to be covered in this campaign.

On June 1st, 2023 the CCPC launched our first campaign initiative, which involves creating a collection of images related to a Canadian conservation topic, developing partnerships with other environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs), creating content for distribution, and running a month-long informational marketing effort. Photographers have until the end of September to capture content, after which our volunteers will prepare the materials for the public campaign that will run throughout the month of November.


The subject that we have chosen to cover is the impact of transportation on wildlife in Canada, which could include roads and highways, railways, air traffic, ship traffic, and recreation or transportation on lakes and rivers. The goal is to highlight the risks that transportation poses to wildlife, be it from collisions, habitat degradation, disruption to migration or nesting disturbances. By combining visual content with written context, the final materials produced will tell the story of challenges faced by wildlife, while connecting our audience with meaningful actions that they can take to mitigate those impediments.


As part of this endeavour, we are inviting photographers throughout Canada to capture and submit images of the related subjects. If you are a photographer and would like to be part of this exciting collaboration, we invite you to share your photos with us! Any images that are selected for use in the campaign will be credited to the photographers and will be part of the final content for distribution. Deadline for submission is September 30, 2023.


Although the CCPC accepts donations, the content produced for this project will not be used to generate revenue. As such, all content submitted to the CCPC is done without expectation of reimbursement.

If you wish to submit images please review the suggested content below and upload your images here.

  • General subjects

    • Interviews with experts

    • Images of experts

    • Remediation projects (e.g., construction of highways and overpasses, decommissioning of roads and highways, restoration of wild areas, etc.)

    • Protests against transportation infrastructure

    • First Nations engagement and  consultation in or opposition to transportation infrastructure

  • Roads and highways

    • Wildlife fencing

    • Wildlife overpassess and underpasses

    • Roadkill

    • Wildlife crossing roads or highways

    • Wildlife feeding on or beside roads and highways

    • Road closures for animal migrations

    • Vehicle collisions with wildlife

    • People feeding wildlife beside roads and highways

    • Wildlife signs beside roads and highways, particularly if there is wildlife in the image

    • People cleaning up garbage beside roads and highways

  • Train tracks

    • Wildlife fencing

    • Grain left on train tracks

    • Wildlife crossing train tracks

    • Wildlife feeding on or beside train tracks

    • Dead animals on or beside train tracks

  • Shipping lanes and open ocean

    • Images of ships and marine mammals

    • Wildlife killed by ship strikes (e.g., whales, pinnipeds, etc.)

  • Airport runways and flight paths

    • Birds on or beside tarmacs

    • Wildlife on or beside tarmacs

    • Aircraft taking off or landing

    • Contractors hired to deter birds near airports

  • Lakes and rivers

    • High speed vessels

    • Wildlife on or beside lakes

    • Causeways

    • Marinas

    • Noise pollution

    • Bridges

      • Impacts to nests formed on bridges

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