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Rachelle Gourley

Graphic Designer

Rachelle Gourley

Rachelle is a graphic designer who blends her background in horticulture and landscape design with her passion for creating meaningful and joyful designs for public cities. With a strong focus on improving community spaces within sustainable cities, she aims to make a positive impact through her creative work.

Beyond her design work, Rachelle has an adventurous spirit when it comes to exploring new hobbies. Photography allows her to capture fleeting moments and unique perspectives, while painting serves as a medium for self-expression and experimentation with colours and textures. In her downtime, she also enjoys diving into the immersive world of gaming, finding it as a source of inspiration and relaxation.

Blending her love for design, nature, and exploration, she continues to evolve her skills and expand her creative horizons. She remains committed to crafting designs that bring people together, foster sustainable communities, and spark joy in the public realm.

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