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Mark Bernards

Graphic Designer

Mark Bernards

Mark has always been captivated by the beauty of the natural world, both aesthetically and in terms of the fascinating complexity of ecosystems. When he was younger, his love of animals manifested itself primarily through art, but as he got older, he started down a more academic path, and he now holds an H.B.Sc. in Zoology and an M.Sc. in Integrative Biology, both from the University of Guelph.

By the time he had completed his Masters degree (an ironically very stressful project studying the effects of stress on neuroplasticity in zebrafish), he knew he wanted to combine his enthusiasm for understanding the science of the natural world with his passion for capturing and showcasing its beauty. He went on to graduate from Fleming College’s Environmental Visual Communications program offered at the Royal Ontario Museum, which is where he fostered a growing interest in photography and fell in love with graphic design.

Mark now lives in Ottawa, where he works as the Graphic Designer and Digital Content Creator for a local environmental NGO that advocates for the health of the Ottawa River and its watershed. In his spare time, he continues to work on his wildlife photography, spending most mornings out with his camera, getting to know the animals he shares his “neighbourwoods” with. Whether he’s sharing his photos on Instagram to show the beauty of nature that is all around us, distilling complex issues or concepts into easily-digestible graphics, or simply having a conversation, Mark is always looking for ways to share his passion for nature (particularly animals) and inspire others to want to protect and preserve it.

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