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Katy Pang

Social Media Manager

Katy Pang

Katy Pang is a communication and marketing professional, specialised in marketing strategy planning, marketing production and public relations.

She has multiple experiences, working across e-commerce, agency and fashion house, having participated in many international competitions and events, including the World Retail Congress, the Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion and the International Festival of Fashion and Photography.

Before residing in Toronto, Ontario, Katy grew up in Hong Kong and spent almost six years in the United Kingdom. In 2017, she received a Masters in Strategic Fashion Marketing from London College of Fashion, University of Arts London. In her Master's thesis, she focused on fashion sustainability and social responsibility, creating transparent strategies that strengthen the resilience of businesses.

She joined the CCPC with great enthusiasm, maintaining that visual content is a powerful medium of storytelling and educating the general public about conservation issues.

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